Christian Communicators Impacting the World

This past week I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the NRB 2010 Convention, the National Religious Broadcasters annual conference. A few insights relevant for all Christ-Followers...

1. We need to THINK BIG - the NRB members are those with a passion for the Gospel and reaching people with God's Word, which describes many Christ-followers. However, they are also people who dared to think BIG and take risks, and were pioneers in using the media of their day to reach people. There are multiple generations at NRB - I met older retirees who pioneered in Christian radio, last year I had dinner with Charles Stanley one of the pioneers in Christian radio and TV, and this year there was a boom in Internet professionals (my generation) at NRB. The lesson is that no matter what the medium or technology or generation, we have to become experts at communicating effectively and think big about reaching people!

2. Get outside Church walls - many ministries still don't get newer things like social media, and at NRB I am an "expert" on social media. Only those who get out of their comfort zone and "get out there" to secular conferences and rubbing shoulders with real social media professionals will really become experts. The lesson for all of us- be eager to learn, and get outside of your little circle to where the real experts are in the field you are learning. However, stay "in the world, but not of the world." Last month I went to Las Vegas for an Internet conference, and learned a LOT from the attendees I met, but only met 2 other Christians there. I hung out with people that you probably wouldn't meet in most churches, maybe I looked a little odd drinking water at Happy Hours, but was a witness and stayed pure in Vegas (I could write another post about my thoughts on Vegas). What are you trying to learn? You might have to get outside the church walls to really become an expert- but keep your witness and walk with God when you do!

My presentations this year were more on the logistical side - the "how to" of using social media and upgrading your website to build community on-line. I put my slideshares online at and you can see pictures and video of NRB at