Eating the Dirt

Last night I was at a dinner for Christian leaders, and one of the most prominent pastors in the world was at my table. It was a delicious 3-course meal, and my steak was cooked perfectly.

Also on the table, above each place setting, were bags of dirt from Compassion International. The world hunger problem is at a new low today, and in Haiti ‘cookies’ made of dirt are being served by deperate parents to their starving children because of food shortages and skyrocketing food prices. Compassion was reminding us that the children in Haiti are part of the thousands around the world who die every single day from hunger-related causes.

When the desert was served, I had a thought in my mind, “push that aside, and eat the dirt.” But then I thought, “what would these other prominent Christian leaders think?” I thought, “Perhaps they would think I was doing it for show”…”Perhaps I would get sick”…”I shouldn’t draw attention to myself”. Even though the thought came to my mind as one of those thoughts that only come from the Holy Spirit, in my own pride I ignored the dirt sitting in front of me and ate my delicious desert with everyone else at the table.

Recently I blogged about being a slave of Christ, and interestingly yesterday morning in church I heard a powerful message from John MacArthur on the same topic. But am I living it? If I feel the Holy Spirit impressing upon me to do some thing that seems extreme or radical, am I willing to do it? Shouldn’t we be willing to eat dirt or do anything Christ our Master asks us to do?

I will never know what would have happened at the dinner table if I would have eaten the dirt. I know I would have wept for sure. Perhaps the Lord would have moved and given me and perhaps some of the others at the table a true sense of what He feels when He looks upon the children in hunger around the world. I know that Jesus is weeping when He looks upon the suffering of the world, but is my heart really beating in line with the heart of Jesus?

We say that times are “tough” for us in America, but we can all spare enough to sponsor a child with Compassion. I also encourage you to get involved by hosting Compassion Sunday at your church…start now because it is coming up April 29th.

Also take a moment and ask yourself are you really a slave of Jesus Christ? Are you willing to do whatever He asks? I don’t think God asks us to do radically things like eating dirt every day, but when He does next time in my life, I want to be ready.